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Hello! Welcome to Consensus Space

Consensus-Space is the online access point to Jim MacConnell, an aerospace engineering leader with experience across the aerospace system spectrum. Jim spent his career learning by doing and is now advising others on how to be successful. Jim's focus is on helping early-stage startups figure out what they want to be and need to do to get there. Consensus Space is Jim's way of contributing while maintaining the work-life balance he wants at this stage in my career.

Along the way, Jim is trying to change how people get the advice and consultation they need by embracing the "get help when you need it" approach to consulting allowing you to get just the help you're looking for without the hassle of establishing complex relationships.



Broken satellite in orbit with robot arm

As much as we would like things in space to be easy, we learn time and time again that they are not. .


While launch failure rates have plummeted thanks to Falcon's success, the number of missions "in trouble" after deployment is surprisingly high (just ask StarFish or Atomos or D-Orbit or ClearSpace or....)


Learn what challenges are ahead of you and be ready for them by getting the kind of experienced talk about technology, business, development, etc. that you wish you'd had from the start.


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