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Jim MacConnell, PE

I'm Jim MacConnell... a lifelong aerospace engineer with experience across the entire aerospace product spectrum.  I love space and am actively working to build the foundation needed to help us, as humans, thrive when we are truly able to step off our planet. That foundation requires the development of robotic systems to assist humans in their space-faring efforts by performing tasks humans in µ-gravity are ill-suited to do. Along the way, those systems will be able to address some of the most pressing issues facing us, as a new space-faring species, by clearing our immediate environment of dangerous debris  (ADR), performing large-scale assembly of space objects free from gravity's constraints (ISAM) and ultimately converting what we have (and find) in space to prolong our in-space journeys.


I started my career at Boeing where I worked for just shy of 20 years. Over that time, I worked on complex space systems including the mechanisms for deploying upper stages and satellites from the shuttle. There I learned the engineering needed to accomplish something big. I transitioned into research where I had a leadership role in large-scale, industry-wide, collaborative research projects. I left Boeing to pursue a path as an independent consultant providing research program management for the Air Force and NASA.


Following the economic upheaval of the mid-90s, I returned to industry as the senior researcher at an aerospace parts manufacturer setting up a research organization. That experience made me realize I wanted to be connected to space again so I left and joined Tethers Unlimited (RIP) as a Business Unit Manager managing most of their In-Space Assembly and Manufacturing programs including robotic assembly and metal recycling efforts. I left Tethers and went to Altius Space Machines (now Voyager) where I was Director of Programs. Altius ran into challenging times and I left, joining ThinkOrbital as their Vice President of Product Development and serving as Interim CTO.

I recently returned to the consulting business model as I feel my best contribution is to raise all boats rather than stick with a single boat. Many people are trying to stake a claim to the "new space" economy, but they all face the same issues. I learned long ago that collaboration and sharing were far more productive than multitudes of people chasing the same answers independently and I am striving to bring that mentality to space development.

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